[NAFEX] Grapes in zone 3

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Wed Nov 25 12:00:08 EST 2009

    Back when I had extra time, I experimented with growing table grapes 
here in zone 3.  When Winter approached, before the ground froze, I loosened 
the soil at the base of each plant so I could tip them over without breaking 
stem or roots.  I weighted the plants down with pipes and fence posts and 
sprinkled moth balls to keep the rodents out.  I put tarps over the plants 
and covered each tarp with a generous helping of leaves - the first year I 
learned to not put the leaves directly atop the plants because many vines 
rotted or molded.
    If I left the tarps in place too long in the Spring, the vines molded so 
I tried to uncover them when average temperatures reached the upper 20's F.

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