[NAFEX] Subject: Re: leaves around peach trees

Toni Pralle toni.pralle at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:49:11 EST 2009

>I do protect for voles and I do mulch but I am thinking of wraping them
tightly to a post as well for additional support. We get a very decent
covering of snow (at least 2ft) usually but the wind can be pretty strong.>

My resident cats take care of "most" rodents. I did find a nest of hairless
mice in the burn ring a couple of years ago. I think a steel post with some
kind of tree wrap is probably what I'll do. Where they are growing, I
usually get a good sized drift........and as it melts the bunnies sit on top
and eat the branches. It's been delightful here this whole month. October
was a preview of Iowa winter. Sheesh! I did winter clean up/put away in
October wearing my winter coat and in November I could have sat in the lawn
chair if I would have had time. I have three trees left to wrap but with the
warm weather I haven't quite managed to panic about it and it's not done. I
am sure the day after the first snow I'll be out there in my coveralls doing
those things I forgot.

Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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