[NAFEX] Watering young trees in winter

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 19 10:30:52 EST 2009

Caren,  I would be concerned too if I were you.  Your biggest danger at this point is that your trees will not go fully dormant, and the jet stream will take a sudden notion to bring you some extremely cold air.  Given the rare sunshine you have been having, you need to either paint the trunks white or maybe better yet wrap them so that the sun can't warm the bark.  I figure you normally don't have to worry about "southwest damage" to tree trunks like down here where the sun is more intense, but this year you probably should.  Watering in the warm temps may not be good, but on the other hand as you saw this spring, without clouds and rain to moderate temps, they can rise immoderately.  We went through a freakishly dry winter and spring here in Tennessee in '07, much too warm, followed by abnormally cold temps in early April.  It was the worst spring freeze since the same thing happened exactly 100 years earlier.  Donna  
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