[NAFEX] Hardy Prunus, was Re: Staking of immature fruit trees

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Wed Nov 18 23:17:50 EST 2009

Doug Woodard wrote:
>Stanley is a shade hardier than Mount Royal (though liable to black 
>knot, and from my limited observation not very good quality on peach 
>soils at least for fresh eating) and if I remember rightly it came from 
>a cross between Prune D'Agen and Grand Duke; (I forget the direction) 
>i.e. old European plums.

I am not so sure about the hardiness of Stanley, as I had one and it died.
I can't guarantee it's the cold that killed it however. But my feeling is
that Mont-Royal is quite hardier. Your memory is right about the genealogy
of Stanley - Grand Duke is an old English plum mainly used for cooking - is
it grown in Ontario?

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