[NAFEX] Hardy Prunus, Apricots

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 18:39:32 EST 2009

I have Morden 604, Westcot, Cowley, Scout, Precious, Lorraine, Sunshine seedlings, Heaver seedlings, and a bunch of seedlings from the famous Capilano apricots in Edmonton. I also have a couple other new grafts from this year that haven't been added to my master list yet and I'm not actually sure if they even took (stuff like Harcot, Harlayne and Hargrand)

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

> Thanks Sarah, maybe if I have a bit
> more success next year, I'll feel more 
> confident to try an apricot. As I said, they are one of my
> favourites.
> Keep us posted how your young ones turn out.  Which
> varieties do you have?
> Caren.

> Hi Caren,
> Plant some apricots!  There are a couple of trees
> planted and ignored by the 
> city that fruit regularly in zone 3b Edmonton!
> Mine out in the country have never fruited, but they are
> young and have 
> never blossomed either!
> Sarah
> zone 3
> Edmonton, AB

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