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Western PA, zone 5

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I've just noticed that one of mine has several flower buds swelling.
Mid november. They dropped all their leaves around the same time as
most of the native trees in our climate, which was about a month ago,
but they had been coloring and drying for a bit before that. I imagine
it's due to it being grown furthur south than it's used to, with a
longer warmish unstable fall. We had some wintery cold in October, but
since then it's been rather sunny, dry, and highs of 50's and 60's,
lows to 40. Where are you John? I'm curious whether you're farther
north or south than me.

se MI z5

On 11/17/09, John S <swim_at_svc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> One of my honeyberry plants insists on blooming 2 times a year.  In late
> summer, it drops all the leaves, then in late October, burst into bloom.
> This started about 3 years ago and each year the number of blossums
> increases over the previous year.  Last year, I had a single lone fruit on
> it, implying some tendency to self-fertility.
> None of my other honeyberry plants do this.  I was wondering if any other
> honeyberry growers have seen this kind of behavior and how unusual this may
> be.  It would be nice to be able to get a fall crop, but the flowering has
> so far been a little late to fully ripen berries.
> Thanks
> John

-matt demmon
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