[NAFEX] Fall Blooming Honeyberry

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Tue Nov 17 08:58:23 EST 2009

Speaking of honeyberry, I got my first decent fruit set on them after
about 6-7 years of struggle.  The fruits are a lot smaller than I
thought & almost no flavor whatsoever, almost insipid.  The plants
also drop their leaves really early, maybe August.   They're named
varieties so I was expecting a bit more out of them...  It would be
interesting to see a nutritional profile for them.


sw WI 4b

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 7:52 AM, Matt Demmon <mdemmon at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've just noticed that one of mine has several flower buds swelling.
> Mid november. They dropped all their leaves around the same time as
> most of the native trees in our climate, which was about a month ago,
> but they had been coloring and drying for a bit before that. I imagine
> it's due to it being grown furthur south than it's used to, with a
> longer warmish unstable fall. We had some wintery cold in October, but
> since then it's been rather sunny, dry, and highs of 50's and 60's,
> lows to 40. Where are you John? I'm curious whether you're farther
> north or south than me.
> -matt
> se MI z5
> On 11/17/09, John S <swim_at_svc at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> One of my honeyberry plants insists on blooming 2 times a year.  In late
>> summer, it drops all the leaves, then in late October, burst into bloom.
>> This started about 3 years ago and each year the number of blossums
>> increases over the previous year.  Last year, I had a single lone fruit on
>> it, implying some tendency to self-fertility.
>> None of my other honeyberry plants do this.  I was wondering if any other
>> honeyberry growers have seen this kind of behavior and how unusual this may
>> be.  It would be nice to be able to get a fall crop, but the flowering has
>> so far been a little late to fully ripen berries.
>> Thanks
>> John

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