[NAFEX] staking young trees

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 14:44:01 EST 2009

My business calls on me to install hundreds of bearing age 2 to 2.5" cal.
fruit trees which usually need to be staked if you're into maintaining
vertical trunks.  My method is all my own and it is the simplest, cheapest
adequately affective staking method I've seen.

I use a single stake- usually an 8' 2X2" pressure treated piece of wood (not
from Home Depot- they sell sht) driven at least a foot and a half (usually
2) into the ground a foot or 2 from the trunk, in line with a reasonably
strong branch.  I use vinyl electric tape to secure the branch to the
post.   You have to wrap it real tight.

Even in very windy sites- that is for the northeast- I've never had a
recently planted tree tilted by wind when using this system.  These trees
are well branched and usually 10 to 12' tall..  If my customer doesn't want
me to use chemical treated wood I use a heavy metal fence post instead.  I
use a heavy bar to start the hole and a heavy metal post driver to pound in
the stake in either case.
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