[NAFEX] Scions before true dormancy?

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Ginda is correct you can include that in your agreement if you want to go back to take scionwood. Hopefully you're not moving too far. if your trees are not fully dormant now not sure how would your scions survive until grafting time, I doubt they will take, unless there are a few things that can be rooted instead of grafted you should be fine taking them early probably.
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On Nov 15, 2009, at 5:03 PM, Spidra Webster wrote:

> My home is being sold. I have worked incredibly hard on my garden  
> here and will be sad to have to leave it behind. It looks like  
> things will close in early-mid Dec but I don't think the trees will  
> go dormant until late Dec. Is there any way I can induce dormancy  
> early so that I can take scion wood? Are there any propagation  
> options at all here?

Consider writing a "take scions" clause into the sale agreement.  When  
I was shopping for houses one of the ones I looked at had a clause to  
allow the seller to take small selections of her (extensive) hosta  
collection at whatever time of year it's best to divide hostas.  I  
didn't buy the house, but the clause was not a problem for me, and my  
guess is that it wasn't a problem for other potential buyer.

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