[NAFEX] Subject: Exploring Hardy Peaches

Toni Pralle toni.pralle at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 12:37:20 EST 2009

>>   When I first began playing with peaches, I followed everyone's advice
and provided cold treatment in my refrigerator.  Usually about 90 percent of
seeds germinated.  I planted them and 90 percent did not make it through
their first Winter.  Thereafter, I planted peach seeds outside before the
ground froze and got 20 to 30 percent germination with up to 90 percent
survival past their first Winter.  Planting peach seeds outside is a time
and space saver.>>

   After the glorious summer of 2008 when I had over 50 peaches off my
little tree -and then it died- I saved all the peach seeds from that tree
and from a crate of peaches I had bought. I planted each seed in a hole of
its own until I ran out of enthusiasm and ended up throwing the last two
dozen in one big hole. Of all the seeds, two from that big hole germinated
and one single germinated this summer. The single died before summer got
into full swing. Later I noted the other two. They are so close together
they look like two trunks from one seed but I am pretty sure if I dug them
up I'd have two. I thought I'd separate them next summer if they survive the
winter. I had thought I would put leaves or something around them for winter
protection. Should I? And when? We've had a continuation of crazy weather.
It's hot when it should be cold and cold when it should be hot. Rain to
flood us or drought so I have to water. All this can be in the same month.

Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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