[NAFEX] Currants and White Pine

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Fri Nov 13 13:08:33 EST 2009

I wonder, if white pines were such important and common trees Up North and 
the WPBR has been here a hundred years, and if it's true that the native 
wild currants could spread the spores for hundreds of miles, and if it was 
really as bad as they thought it was way back in the 1930's, maybe this is a 
case of rapid development of resistance.  Of the many many pests and 
diseases that have been moved to new continents by humans to wreak havoc, 
most have eventually just become part of the background.  Japanese beetles 
are the one that I have watched for 25 years now gradually shifting from all 
consuming plague to mere nuisance.  They barely even made it to nuisance 
status last year.  Donna 

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