[NAFEX] Fw: Little Leaf Linden ,Tilia Cordata

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Fri Nov 13 01:04:51 EST 2009

I've read that NAFEX co-founder Fred Ashworth used to eat young leaves 
of basswood (Tilia americana). I've nibbled a few myself, palatable 
though they're not my favourite salad vegetable.

Hereabouts, littleleaf lindens (Tilia cordata) are common in the 
ornamental nursery trade. I think they are somewhat used as street 
trees. There are varieties, perhaps clones of European origin. If you 
are in or near a city, ask the parks people.
"Trees in Canada" ( J. L. Farrar) says "Native to Europe; commonly 
planted for landscape purposes; tolerates urban conditions."
You might ask Sheffield's Seeds about their sources.

Silver/White linden (Tilia tomentosa) from SE Europe/W Asia is often 
used also for urban plantings though I haven't heard how the leaves taste.

Purslane is easy to grow including in midsummer here, succulent, tasty 
and nutritions.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Larry D. Cook wrote:
>     I have read that the young leaves of the Little Leaf Linden is a
>     very good substitute for lettuce in salads. The flowers can be used
>     as a tea.  True or not, I am looking for a few small ,genuine Little
>     Leaf seedlings that have not hybridized with other Lindens.
>     I may have to get grafted stock or maybe "cutting" of verified purity.
>     I do not trust the purity of seeds unless they came from Poland.
>     Any suggestions?
>     Does anyone know of a Little Leaf in Southern Indiana?  From them I
>     might be able to get "cuttings" later.
>     Thank you
>     Larry D. Cook
>     Indiana

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