[NAFEX] Currant pine blister rust hazzard

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Thu Nov 12 20:33:12 EST 2009

Another reason that I'd heard for the lifting of the restrictions is that there are so many wild Ribes in any place where there are native plants growing.  I grow R. americanum  and it certainly can get the blister rust--when it is not growing under ideal conditions.  When it has plenty of water (it's a wet meadow/thicket plant) the leaves are a nice green.  Give it too much sun and not quite enough water and they grow a speckling of orange spots.  Is the blister rust a native pest, or was it introduced at some point in the past?
Muffy Barrett
Bluestem Farm
South Central Wisconsin

"I don’t think the threat was bogus, just that there were too few white pines to be economically important where the restrictions were lifted.Â"  
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