[NAFEX] Exploring hardy Peaches

Evelyn Mellott e.mellott at xplornet.ca
Wed Nov 11 11:30:03 EST 2009


In the last Pomona ,Fall 2009 Jim Noted that he has found if the Peach pit 
does not freeze the tree won't be hardy.  Is this because the seeds that are 
not hardy don't survive the extreme cold to germinate or does it actually 
increase the hardiness of the potential tree. I've often started hardy and 
less hardy seeds just by giving the proper chilling ( in the Fridge which 
does not freeze but will germinate earlier and can be started inside 
earlier) because this gives my little tree more time to mature before it has 
to harden off for the winter.  This  is a interesting observation.  Any 
further info on this topic Jim.

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