[NAFEX] Sad little apple tree

John McCuan wawo at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 9 21:34:25 EST 2009

We live a little northwest of Atlanta, so the soil is somewhat clayey and acidic.  I fertilized every year but missed on the lime a couple of years so the soil got rather acidic, but another apple 15 feet away is 14 feet high.  I don't know what rootstock it's on except it's semi-dwarf.

I haven't seen any vole damage on the bark, but something could be going on with the roots.

I know if children are malnourished or stressed their growth can be stunted, even if they eat well when they're older, and I'm wondering if that might happen to apples, too.  I hope to graft a scion on rootstock this winter, but I was wondering if there was any hope for the tree, or if it's permanently stunted.



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