[NAFEX] Subject: rootstock suggestions for apples and pears

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Mon Nov 9 17:14:05 EST 2009

Subject: [NAFEX] rootstock suggestions for apples and pears:

In your area for pears OHxF 333 and 282 are outstanding, a little tarnish perhaps over the fruit quality over quince with some varieties but I do not think it is worth quibbling about given all the issues with Quince.  No staking needed for 333 and 282 and fireblight resistance and both can deal with clay thank you, it just keep the trees smaller.  

As for apple I use M27, M26, and M7.  Obviously you need to stake M27 and it is more suitable for espalier training than anything, and you can simply amend the soil in clay as it will never develop enough of a root system to trouble you with the native soil. M26 works though I like the smaller trees of M27.  And M7 is simply to much a tree for most home growers unless they want to dry, make cider, or can, but it works well.

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