[NAFEX] Rooting 'Crandall' currants

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 20:52:05 EST 2009

Dale wrote:
I found an old email on my computer with some advice about rooting
currants. I am planning to start 100-200 Crandall currants for sale in the
spring, and would like to know if I am interpreting these instructions
(below) properly...

As someone else noted, 'Crandall' is a different species than European black
currants (R. nigrum).  In our experience, 'Crandall' roots much less easily
than all the nigrums I have tried.  Re: sticking dormant cuttings in the
fall, almost all our nigrums root, but very few of the 'Crandalls' ever
have.  I generally propagate 'Crandall' by dividing plants or seedlings, as
even two year old, running suckers can be poorly rooted.  I'd contact
someone selling Crandall plants in our area, such as Hidden Springs or
Edible Landscaping and see if they have any hints.

Richard Moyer
Castlewood, VA
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