[NAFEX] Going, going....

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Fri Nov 6 12:53:37 EST 2009

My 13 year old mayhaws are being whacked.  If any of you know of a rust resistant type of haw or anything else that can be successfully grafted to them, the stumps will still be there to graft to next spring.  I wish I'd listened years ago when Chris Inhulsen dismissed them because they got rust.  I know "Winter King" is supposed to be resistant, but this spring I grafted a seedling of it onto a native haw and it got some pretty orange spots on the leaves.  I got to thinking that if the birds dropped seeds of the real 'Winter King' all around they could keep the hawthorn and quince rusts going forever.  Thanks.  Donna
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