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Jim Bastian bastianjim at yahoo.com
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There is a two acre wet area on my property that I am struggling to find a use for. I have read that Amelanchier Canadensis thrives with wet feet and I plan on trying one or more plants in this area to see how it performs.
Reading Lucky's post on grafting amelanchier to apple/hawthorne root stocks has me thinking that A. Canadensis might be a possible rootstock for other Amelanchier varieties for use in wet areas "IF" the graft works. Has anyone tried this? 
Are there other Amelanchiers that tolerate 4 season wet feet?
I am looking for tree sized plants rather than shrubs.
Thanks for any input.
Zone 4/5 NH

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Of the alnifolias, I have: Smoky, Regent, Theissen,
Martin, Success, Forestburg or Honeywood(one died,
and I don't remember which), and A.obovata
"Jennybelle" - and two row-run seedlings of Timm &
Success, from the aforementioned 
Bear Creek Nursery. 
The row-run T&S seedlings, which were tiny, almost
microscopic things when I received them, have far
outstripped the others, with regard to vigor, rate of
growth and spread, leaf retention, and in fruit
production.  Unfortunately, they're located on the
opposite side of the farm pond from my house, and I
rarely beat the birds to any of the fruits.


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Don't see anyone talking about named cultivars.  

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