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rmelrose at danvilleVT.net rmelrose at danvilleVT.net
Thu Nov 5 19:30:30 EST 2009

Ben Sarek produces the BEST cassis, at least UMHO!

VT 4a/b.

> My picks for gooseberries that combine very good flavor with very good  
> disease resistance are Poorman, Black Satin, Red Jacket (not the  
> European variety with this same name), and Glendale, all of which  
> thrive in my NY's Zone 5 Hudson Valley farmden. Hinonmakis Yellow is  
> an excellent variety except that it has not borne well for the past  
> two years; it is very weak growing and was too inundated by other  
> plants. I've moved it.
> The very best tasting gooseberries are those European ones, such as  
> Whitesmith, Webster, etc. They have very mean thorns and are very  
> susceptible to mildew.
> Pixwell is small, tough, and too tart, not worth growing at all, in my  
> opinion. I also don't consider Hinonmakis Red (aka Lepaa Red) worth  
> growing or eating.
> As far as blackcurrants, I like the taste of Titania very much. Other  
> favorites are some of the Russian varieties, such as Kirovchanka and  
> Belaruskaja. As a matter of fact, they are among my favorite of all  
> fruits! I'm digging up all my Consorts as well as Ben Sarek, the  
> latter having large berries but, to me, bad tasting.
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