[NAFEX] Growing Amelanchier

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Thu Nov 5 16:08:19 EST 2009

Lucky, my observation of Amelanchier X grandiflora (I think) seedlings 
at a conservation planting near here was that the berries were big and 
juicy (solids content apparently lower than A. laevis) but not as 
strongly flavoured as A. laevis, and the production was rather sparse. 
How do yours produce?

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Niagara Peninsula

Dr. Lucky Pittman wrote:
> I have several A.alnifolia selections growing here, but can rarely beat the
> birds to any of the fruit.
> Nice little A.laevis tree in town at the public library bears heavily every
> year, and I can pick gallons at a time.
> Have several row-run A.X grandiflora plants, purchased as 1-yr seedlings,
> from the now-defunct Bear Creek Nursery, that I planted at my kids'
> elementary school about 10 years ago - they bear big, tasty berries - twice
> the size of the A.laevis fruits - my wife liked them well enough that I'll
> be trying my hand at propagating them from cuttings and grafting some onto
> apple & hawthorn rootstocks to see which works best.
> Lucky Pittman
> Hopkinsville, KY

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