[NAFEX] Butternut info needed

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 5 11:37:51 EST 2009

Thanks for the input.  I've read that I can plant them in a nursery bed for a year (this is recommended because of low germination and for protection of the nuts from squirrels), but then they have to go out!  We have two dogs and lots of cats that keep those critters out of my garden, but I'm also picking up more hardware cloth to cover my nursery for the winter.  Our soil is heavy clay, but I have goats and chickens that produce enough manure for me to amend my planting areas.

I am planting most of the 500 seeds as soon as they arrive today or tomorrow!  We do have the room: I keep finding things to fill up the 25 acre yard site that we fenced out of the 160 acres we own.  Once that is full, then I get to kick the renter and his cows off and keep going on the rest!

I'm also looking at spreading the seeds out to my local fruit explorer group as you are correct that butternuts are in serious trouble.  My guess would be that the cancer simply hasn't reached us because 10 trees per province isn't enough to spread it.  Even if I plant acres of them, as long as I practice proper bio-hazard precautions like not bringing any more butternut trees in, I will probably never get it.

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

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> Sarah,  If you have room, you
> should jump at the chance as I take it they 
> are not too common there?  Jay's comments on location
> are worth noting, if 
> you can get a look at where the tree is, or a topo map of
> the area where the 
> tree is growing, you may find that it is an especially
> favored site.  If 
> your soil is less suitable they may grow more slowly for
> you, if you get 
> more wind you may find that it's not really that much
> hardier than the trees 
> you already have.  You may be too far north for
> canker, which would be good 
> for preserving some butternut germplasm as I hear they are
> disappearing 
> fast.  Two bits of advice, plant where you want them
> as I assume they make 
> taproots (?), and protect from squirrels.  The tin can
> with the X in it has 
> worked for us.  Donna 
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