[NAFEX] N. Spy strategy

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 14:11:23 EST 2009

On other fruit growing forums I have heard of people using N. Spy as a root
stock and you can't assume that just because a tree is very late bearing and
an upright grower doesn't meant it's extremely vigorous.  Once a N. Spy
begins to fruit it is not exceptionally vigorous  IME.  I consider it a
moderate grower- more vigorous than G. Delicious but less than Baldwin.

Of course you would only try this strategy if you want ultimately to have a
very large apple tree but don't want to wait 12 years to taste its first
fruit.  You can actually root N. Spy from sticks as it naturally generates
root primordia all along its bark, so I doubt you'd have any trouble rooting
it when you wanted to.  That's why I thought it was an inspired idea.
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