[NAFEX] Planting Butternuts and Black Walnuts

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Wed Nov 4 09:42:59 EST 2009

    A fellow I once knew planted several acres of nut seeds and the 
squirrels found and dug up nearly all.  He thwarted the squirrels for his 
second planting.  He obtained a quantity of tin cans (Campbells soup cans, 
etc) that had one end cut off.  At the closed end of each can, he cut an "X" 
and peeled the flaps out.  One of these cans was placed over the top of each 
nut at planting.  Seedlings grew through the end of the can and, by the time 
the diameter expanded to fit the can, much of it had rusted away so the 
young trees were not girdled.

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