[NAFEX] Rooting currants

Dale Burkholder dburk at planetcomm.net
Tue Nov 3 13:22:31 EST 2009

Lon & everybody else;
I found an old email on my computer with some advice about rooting 
currants. I am planning to start 100-200 Crandall currants for sale in the 
spring, and would like to know if I am interpreting these instructions 
(below) properly.

My idea is to wait another month until dormant, then cut 6" sections of new 
growth (or is last year's growth also okay?), place them 4-5 inches apart - 
about 2/3rds buried in the ground in an unheated greenhouse, add a few 
inches of mulch for insulation and wait until spring.
Or, Plan B, assuming the roots won't grow much anyway until spring, can I 
just cram them in a big ol' feed bag full of sand/soil mix with tops 
sticking out and leave outside in the snow and rain until March and then 
plant them in pots?

Dale Burkholder
Shenandoah Valley, VA   Zone 6
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At 05:57 PM 5/13/2003, Lon wrote:
>That's about the worst time to root them.  Once the buds break, the 
>cuttings won't root.  Much easier to wait a few weeks and root some green 
>cuttings under mist.  Or take dormant cuttings in the fall and plant them 
>in moist sand on the sheltered side of a building.  When they leaf out in 
>spring they are rooted and can be set out.   I used to do it for a big 
>berry nursery.
>-Lon Rombough
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>Subject: [NAFEX] Rooting ribes
>What is the best method to root currants early in the spring, when the 
>plant is no longer dormant?

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