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> I haven't watched it yet, on the computer, but it appears that the 
> entire show can be watched here:  http://video.pbs.org/video/1283872815/
> I want to watch it because I missed nearly half of the show on TV.

Hi Steve, 

Thanks for the off topic link. I watched the short segment on the Alsmeer 
flower auction in Holland. I have been there and seen it in action. Totally 
amazing place. About 60% of each days world total supply of flowers is 
auctioned there each morning. The short segment doesn't do it justice! 

The auction takes place early in the morning and as I recall is over by 
10:00 AM. The flowers are then loaded on planes and are shipped all over the 
world. The auction is owned by growers. Hundreds of acres of greenhouses in 


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