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	Thanks for the suggestion on masking tape - I'll give it a try if I can get the material in time.  The trees up here are holding on to a few yellowing leaves, but are essentially bare.  I'm still eating Fuji and Goldrush straight from the tree - a couple of frosts haven't done them any harm, yet and the Fuji's are getting even sweeter.

I didn't even know my photo was on the web site.


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I find that a short piece of 1 inch wide masking tape, just long enough to go around the graft twice, is adequate to hold a whip-&-tongue graft, which I then seal with Parafilm.
I will check with a couple of my rootstock sources when the workweek starts up tomorrow and see if anyone has 40-50 apple R/S available.
You will need to get scion wood from a colder clime than mine - my apple trees are still fully leafed.

BTW nice photo of you on the seminar announcement page.

Jim Nottke in Pfafftown, NC

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>    I was planning on apples, but am open to other suggestions.  I wondered about extra binding - most of my grafting experience has been the cleft variety on established trees, so keeping the graft in place wasn't much of an issue.
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>What species of plant do you want to graft?  Do you care?
>In my experience, parafilm works great for sealing the graft, but is
>not sufficient for binding it in place.  I suggest you also use rubber
>bands or string or something.
>best of luck,
>On Nov 1, 2009, at 9:06 AM, Gene Spears wrote:
>> Looking for some advice.   I'm teaching General Botany this semester
>> (a sophomore college class) and wanted to end with a lab on
>> grafting.  Last lab will be the end of November, so time may be too
>> late already.  I have about 23 students.  I can get parafilm and
>> exacto-type scapels within a few days, but could I get the
>> rootstocks and scion within that time frame?  (I'm in NC.)
>> Was planning to have each student do two grafts so they could take
>> their grafts home and plant a couple of trees - two would ensure
>> pollination.  So say about 50 rootstocks and maybe twice that many
>> scion?
>> Some questions?
>> 1) Good sources with quick delivery?
>> 2) Two good varieties that would cross-pollinate and required little
>> care?
>> 3) About how much would it cost?
>> Me teaching grafting is like a one-eyed man leading the blind, but
>> I'm hoping an indoor setting with sterile (somewhat) conditions and
>> bench-grafting (mine has always been out in the yard) would improve
>> my sorry success rate - and maybe the students will be better than I
>> am.
>> Thanks for any advice!
>> Gene Spears
>> Zone 6 - NW NC

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC
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