[NAFEX] Grafting in a Botany Class

Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Sun Nov 1 21:09:06 EST 2009

I'm in NC also, but down in the "flatlands", and everything here still
is in full leaf.  You appear to be at Lees McRae, so you are up in the
NC mountains.  I have no idea what if any luck you may have, but you
might try to contact Big Horse Creek Farm
(http://www.bighorsecreekfarm.com/) in Lansing NC...I think they have
done grafting demos, so they may be sympathetic, and they are only about
50 miles from you.  Since their entire business is custom grafting it
would be worth checking out.


On 01.11.2009 09:06 Gene Spears spoke thusly:
> Looking for some advice.   I'm teaching General Botany this semester (a sophomore college class) and wanted to end with a lab on grafting.  Last lab will be the end of November, so time may be too late already.  I have about 23 students.  I can get parafilm and exacto-type scapels within a few days, but could I get the rootstocks and scion within that time frame?  (I'm in NC.)  
> Was planning to have each student do two grafts so they could take their grafts home and plant a couple of trees - two would ensure pollination.  So say about 50 rootstocks and maybe twice that many scion?  
> Some questions?
> 1) Good sources with quick delivery?
> 2) Two good varieties that would cross-pollinate and required little care?
> 3) About how much would it cost?
> Me teaching grafting is like a one-eyed man leading the blind, but I'm hoping an indoor setting with sterile (somewhat) conditions and bench-grafting (mine has always been out in the yard) would improve my sorry success rate - and maybe the students will be better than I am.
> Thanks for any advice!
> Gene Spears
> Zone 6 - NW NC
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