[NAFEX] Grafting in a Botany Class

Gene Spears Spears at LMC.edu
Sun Nov 1 09:06:45 EST 2009

Looking for some advice.   I'm teaching General Botany this semester (a sophomore college class) and wanted to end with a lab on grafting.  Last lab will be the end of November, so time may be too late already.  I have about 23 students.  I can get parafilm and exacto-type scapels within a few days, but could I get the rootstocks and scion within that time frame?  (I'm in NC.)  

Was planning to have each student do two grafts so they could take their grafts home and plant a couple of trees - two would ensure pollination.  So say about 50 rootstocks and maybe twice that many scion?  

Some questions?

1) Good sources with quick delivery?
2) Two good varieties that would cross-pollinate and required little care?
3) About how much would it cost?

Me teaching grafting is like a one-eyed man leading the blind, but I'm hoping an indoor setting with sterile (somewhat) conditions and bench-grafting (mine has always been out in the yard) would improve my sorry success rate - and maybe the students will be better than I am.

Thanks for any advice!

Gene Spears
Zone 6 - NW NC

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