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Toni Pralle toni.pralle at gmail.com
Sun May 31 17:57:54 EDT 2009

<When ripe, they should give in slightly to touch, as they pass towards
fermentation they get small black dots on the skin.  If they are not sugar
sweet, they were picked too young but when picked firm-ripe they can be
successfully shipped quite a distance and be nearly perfect- almost as good
as tree-ripe.  The ones available now are from our side of the equator so
there is a good chance the quality will be good- especially from late May
into late summer.<

So buying through the "summer" is the best time. I have parrots and use
mangos in their diet. Sometimes the mangos are stupendous and sometimes NOT.
I buy them whenever I can get them since I use so many. I freeze them in
portions. So what I need to do is stock up from about June

Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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