[NAFEX] Old-timers and old pears

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Sat May 30 21:21:13 EDT 2009

While you're picking old-timers' brains about old pear & apple 
varieties, it might be worth your time to talk to Dr. David Griffith, 
the retired dentist from Dadeville, AL who's now living in my 
hometown of Opelika.
He had(or still has) an extensive collection of old Southern pears - 
I got Ledbetter, Galloway, Big Mama, Sen. Clark and Dixie Delight 
from him years ago; after he described them in POMONA and offered scionwood.
You've got a head-start on the research on selections that might be 
worth having, and all the right questions.

Dr. Griffith also has a collection of superior Southern-origin 
timber-type black walnut selections that he'd collected over at least 
a quarter-century.  I saw an ad in the NNGA Nutshell sometime in the 
last year where he was advertising for someone to purchase or lease 
his walnut collection and his progeny-test orchard of seedlings.

Dr. David N. Griffith
305 Guinevere Ct,
Opelika, AL.
Phone: 334-741-4184  
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