[NAFEX] fast fruit/weeping mulberry

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sat May 30 10:12:03 EDT 2009

Bill,  I had an IL Everbearing that never grew.  When the bad freeze April 
07 killed it, I discovered that the rootstock that came up was pure alba. 
R. alba seems to do very well in GA but around here they tend to get really 
creamed by late frosts, and I don't think our winters do them much good 
either.  You might was to take Lucky's offer of selected rubras.  Don't know 
if he has any left, but I know that some Nafexer had great success simply 
rooting mulberry cuttings.  So it might not be too late to get started this 
year.  Dunno if you can keep them small though.  Trouble with mulberries is 
they need either to be small enough to pick from the ground (ideal) or small 
enough to shake from the ground, or big enough to climb up in and shake.  If 
you spread (OLD) sheets on the ground, you can get mulberries by the 
bucketful.   Donna 

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