[NAFEX] fast fruit/weeping mulberry

Sheridan Shumway rattler_mt at yahoo.com
Fri May 29 22:23:28 EDT 2009


This weeping mulberry i got from One Green World has survived over its very first winter 2 unprotected nights in a row where it hit -50 air temps before windchill and one night hit -60 for a few hours....this winter(its second) wasnt as bad but it had several nights of -45.....the only protection it gets is that it is 10 feet from the south side of my house so it doesnt get the full blast of any north wind but as yah can see the air temp alone can get bitterly cold and i have mulch a few inches deep around the roots.....

if yah figure up all the branches' length you prolly come up with close to 25 feet, i lost about 10 inches of last years new growth over this past winter....bout the same last winter......so it seems to be a darn hardy mulberry......i loose about twice as much off the contorted, cant tell yet as its just starting to leaf out this week but the flower buds didnt survive last winter and i dont hold much hope this year but it is a neat bush to look at so ill prolly keep it around...

Sheridan S.
northeast Montana
zone 3 or 4 

I do, too. I've always loved them. But I'm having the worst time trying
to grow them! I'm on my fourth Illinois Everbearing Mulberry. This one
is still alive, but half of it died over the winter. None of the rest
have broken dormancy after their first winter (though they grew great
the year before). And I just lost my Geraldi Dwarf Mulberry. It started
to leaf out, and then just died. One year is all it lasted.

Wild mulberries grow like weeds around here. But their taste varies
greatly. I want a mulberry that tastes good and, if not dwarf, at least
something I can prune to stay small. But for some reason, the only tree
I have trouble growing is the mulberry.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)


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