[NAFEX] Shy Bearers?

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There is quite a bit of variability on when Sweet Sixteen will start to fruit.  The more dwarfing the rootstock the quicker it will be to fruit.  On mm-111 (vigorous rootstock) I have two year old trees in a row where one is heavily loaded with fruit buds and the one next to it has none.  I have a one year old on Bud-9 that has fruit buds on it too.  If the fruit sets I will remove them.  Remember that one of the parents of Sweet Sixteen is Northern Spy which tends to not fruit at a young age.  The other parent, Frostbite, had fruit on it when it was one year old and I let it set since it was new to me and I wanted to see what it tasted like.  It has even a more intense flavor than Sweet Sixteen but tends to crack.

Western Washington
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  Hello Guys;

  Some apple trees I have are very Precocious; Williams Pride, Pristene, Opalescent, Macoun. 20 oz., Pound sweet.

  The sweet 16 trees, planted on the same day in 2004, have yet to even flower much.
  Same for the Mount Royal plums; no blooms yet, while the Stanleys are just starting.

  Is the Swt 16 a slow-poke? Is Mount Royal shy too?

  zone 4

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