[NAFEX] Cornus mas

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu May 28 15:34:11 EDT 2009

I hadn't heard about bletting before preserving. Does everyone here who
makes C mas preserves do that?  Is the process and result the same as with
Medlar - or do they dry more?

~ Stephen 

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I have many unselected (from Bear Creek) Cornus mas that reliably bear
fruit heavily every year without fail.  As long as you allow them to
become bletted they make tremendous preserves, & all my eastern
european friends go crazy over the preserves.  Mine all took about 4-5
years to begin bearing.  They do get a bit of anthracnose on the trees
but it doesn't seem to effect the vigor of the trees.

I'm in z4b SW Wisconsin.


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