[NAFEX] A tale of 2 Elephant Hearts

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Thu May 28 04:41:58 EDT 2009

The first Elephant I planted on my property was slow to come into bearing
for an Asian plum but once it did it was a pretty consistant producer of
wonderful fruit.  This in spite of being grown in a relatively shady spot.
However like many fed-fleshed plums it is not entirely cold-hardy here in
southeastern NY Z6ish.  After 4 years of productivity it died.

I planted another in a sunnier more protected part of my property on the
southeast side of my white house and have it trained to grow over an
Airstream trailor.  I figured this would give it the equivalent of a
southern CA sun where I originally fell in love with this variety.  The tree
hasn't produced nearly as well and the fruit often has pitch pockets (I
think Lon called it).  This year it bloomed wonderfully but doesn't have
much to show for it.  I have a Santa Rosa growing in the same spot (they are
as one) and to my surprise it has been the much better producer this year
and last.  Both trees are probably about 7 years old.

I'm hopeful that once the EH settles down it will become more productive and
less deffective.  It is still growing with extreme vigor in this spot- I'm
afraid it's found my grey water spring.

On other sites I've planted it, Elephant Heart hasn't proven itself yet but
I've only been distributing it for a few years.  I have the same hope of
those trees.  I now believe Satsuma may be a better choice- the fruit is
smaller, but just as good, and it bears quite young.
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