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I'm not an electrician, but have wired houses, commercial property, and underground/wet applications.  By the book, a connection exposed to water is supposed to be wrapped first with rubber tape, then electrical tape, then coated with Scotch Cote (sp?).  There is also a kit that can be obtained at a hardware store that you can put over the connection and heat it with a torch and it shrinks and seals the connection.  Power companies use a kit that involves a two part resin that is mixed and poured in a mold around the connection to make it water tight.

I've seen several water wells connections made by simply wrapping regular electrical tape very tightly around the connection, without any additional sealant whatever.  Vinyl electrical tape isn't supposed to be water-proof but it seems to work, if wrapped tight enough.  However, considering there is a risk of electrical shock, I would probably coat the connection with Scotch Cote, or get one of the kits.

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  I need advice from the electricians in the group.  I dug out my submersible pump for my 1400 gallon farm tank that I use as a cistern.  Stored the pump in my outdoor garden shed rather than the usual basement trip.  Now, I find that the mice have chewed a number of holes through the rubber of the outside of the cord exposing the wires within and the paper that cover them..  The cord is very long because it is submersible.  Do you think I could take the top of the pump apart and replace the cord effectively enough to be safe?---or is the pump toast and I should throw it away??

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