[NAFEX] Reliant peach

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Mon May 25 21:08:41 EDT 2009

I've found Reliance is dogged by a lot of folks that have experience with
it.  In the Nafex archives, Fackler once said something like, "if it's a
good quality peach, it's probably not Reliance", indicating it is probably a
mislabeled tree.  Dave Griffin used to post on the forum, and was a rigorous
peach explorer for northern climates.  He indicated Reliance isn't the most
cold hardy peach.  As I've posted before, my experience with Reliance is
pretty sub-standard.  Small, poor color, soft, and not a good sweet peach
flavor, as compared to other peaches.  Am I becoming a peach snob?

BTW-  There was someone a few years back who got some Reliance scionwood
from the USDA repository to test it against a nursery purchased Reliance.
Anyone know how that worked out?


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> > Prof. Elwyn Meader, the breeder of Reliance peach, once told me he had
> > seen trees labeled Reliance that weren't true to name. They might have
> > been seedlings, but whatever the source he was reasonably sure there
> > was more than one Reliance loose in the trade. This was in 1989, so
> > the error may have compounded by now. That might be part of the reason
> > for the disappointing results some growers have had with it.
> Very interesting, Lon. I'm guessing that this could be a common problem
> with all kinds of fruit trees? All it would take is for one person to
> cut corners, wouldn't it? And once the substitution happened, it could
> go on for a long, long time, I'd think (with most nurseries having no
> idea they weren't selling the right trees).
> Or are there procedures to prevent this, in most cases?
> Bill
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