[NAFEX] thinning apricots?

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Mon May 25 10:28:20 EDT 2009

I have a puget gold apricot on St. Julian A that I planted in the  
spring of 2003.   Like everything else I have, it doesn't get full  
sun, but it's done well as a tree.  It has flowered and set fruit  
since 2005.

The first year it flowered it set about 3 fruits, which we managed to  
The second year it set a lot more fruit, but we were out of town when  
it was ripe, and despite hanging bird netting on the tree all the  
fruit was gone when we returned.
The past two years it has set lots of fruit, all of which disappeared  
well before it ripened.  I think we lost some to June drop, and the  
rest to squirrels.  (They remove unripe lemons and bury them in the  
woods, too.  Stupid animals.)

This year it still has a lot of fruit.  Now, granted, it's not June,  
yet, but the fruit has gotten fairly large, more than an inch.

Should I thin the fruits?  It will be painful if all the rest drops or  
goes away. .. .

eastern Mass., zone 6

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