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Even if you identify the species in advance, that doesn't tell you how these individual plants will be. I think you'll just have to wait for fruit.

In other berry news, we ordered so many plants this spring, we didn't have time to plant them all promptly, and some sat around too long. There seem to be 4 casualties: 3 raspberries and a clove currant aren't leafing out, and seem dead. Is it too late to try to replace them this season? I'm thinking it's probably a bad idea.

zone 5, central NY State

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There are any number of good field guides at your local book store. You may not be able to make a positive ID until you have fruit. The fruit of wild brambles is variable with some okay, some bad and some great. Some of the best bramble fruit I ever had was from wild Himalaya berries in the Puget Sound area.

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Can anyone suggest a good reference for Wild Brambles?  I'd like to 
identify what I've got (red, black, etc.) before fruiting.  I cleared 
out a bunch of speckled alder last year, mowed the newly cleared ground 
with a rotary style mower (DR) and this year the Brambles are having a 
field day.  First year canes 6' tall!  The cleared area is along a field 
that was being encroached and there were brambles in the border area.  I 
seem to inadvertently done just what they wanted!

I saw 3 wild turkey hens near the brambles yesterday.  And to think I 
spent time (and money) planting six Heritage this spring.


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