[NAFEX] Winterkill in Black Raspberries???

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Sat May 23 09:01:19 EDT 2009

Michael Dossett wrote, ""Winterkill" is a problem with black raspberries 
wherever they are grown."

    I don't think I can agree with the word "wherever".  Sure I have 
unsprouted canes here and there but the problem is never wide-spread.  None 
of the folks that I've sold plants to have ever mentioned winter-killed 
plants either.  Could it be the variety(s) that your people have that are 
the problem?  Everyone here has the Pequot Black Raspberry.
    My plants seem to live eight to ten years and I replace 10 to 15% of 
them every year.  There is one exception though:  I have a patch with virus 
infected plants that have outlived all other plants.  These are my most 
productive except that the berries have too few druplets to be worth 
picking.  Not picking them takes the bird pressure off the other areas. 
I've not replaced them also to try and figure out how the virus spreads, a 
mystery that has baffled me for some years now.  The virus doesn't seem to 
be spread via vectors because adjacent healthy plants don't get infected. 
So what else?

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