[NAFEX] Squirrel control with Peanut Butter

Raby, Brian brian.raby at roche.com
Wed May 20 10:23:38 EDT 2009

There was a message string a few years ago that someone suggested you
try peanut butter with Plaster of Paris.  Mix PofP with water to make
the balls, then cover with Peanut butter.  When the rodents eat the
PofP, according to one source, they die from an extreme overdose of
calcium ions which causes heart failure.  Walmart and Home Depot can
supply you the PofP.

Search google for more info.
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Peanut butter is great squirrel bait.

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>Alan, I was thinking of trying tangletrap this year and noticed your 
>mention of it.  My peach trees are in a location where I can't  
>reliably shoot the squirrels and they have gotten most of my peaches 
>for the last several years (note that I am clearing out squirrels
>round with my pellet gun, and I have only seen one (now-dead)
>in the last two weeks in my yard, but surely a bunch will descend
>the peaches start to ripen).  If the tangletrap even slowed them down
>a bit I would call that a victory.  My peach trees are all closely- 
>planted and about 8' tall; my plan was to put the tangletrap on the  
>main trunks of all of the trees.  Good plan?
>I have a whole pile of squirrel traps (three different brands, Kania,
>tube, and Havahart) and I have not been able to reliably get the  
>squirrels in the traps as opposed to munching on the peaches.  I even
>bought some "professional" squirrel bait to try but they still went  
>after the peaches instead.
>> Alan Haigh writes:
>> Fox urine is one of many squirrel repellents I've wasted money on. 
>> I found
>> it rather repulsive but my squirrels aren't so squeamish.  They
>> their
>> green peaches and pears spicy too, so you can forget pepper.  I've 
>> found
>> them quite repelled by buck-shot and moderately repelled by tangle 
>> trap and
>> netting, but not reliably so.

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