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Very interesting. Anything that gets people away from red meat and white starch has to increase their life spans. There's a whole lot more to it than phytochemicals but they are certainly a large part of the equation. Keep on!

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Here we've been talking about how a plant protection device (an electric 
fence) can help human health according to certain health renegades, when I 
happen to know about some other health renegades using fruit and other raw 
foods to cure cancer.  I don't know why I never brought this up.  We took a 
Qigong class last year, cheap CEU's for me, so cheap my DH could afford to 
come along.  There were over 400 people in the class, it was great fun.  The 
teacher lectured after the exercises were done.  Among other things he 
talked about what I refer to now as "God's phone number", 1.61803399... 
phi.   And he talked about curing disease with food and a 3 horsepower 
blender.  Apparently they have been mixed up for years with some people who 
are doing this kind of thing.  They are from Florida which apparently has a 
few geriatric naturopaths from back before the state stopped granting 
naturopathic licenses.   It's not illegal to practice naturopathy in Florida 
if you have a license to do so, but it's a felony if you don't have a 
license, and the state hasn't granted any more licenses for about the last 
30 years.  Just politics as usual...

Here are some quotes from their website:

Great breakthroughs in nutrition are revealing natural solutions for autism, 
asthma, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Your nearest grocery store holds 
the key! We've seen people reverse the worst diseases... that's because Food 
gives LIFE.

We have hundreds of handwritten testimonials describing in detail dramatic 
healings of just about every physical and emotional ailment. Nothing is 
incurable so long as the person is willing to saturate their body with 

Phytochemicals are the key! They really are... because they act as KEYS on 
our cellular receptors. Some are structurally similar to Insulin and fill 
the cells "insulin keyhole" allowing glucose to enter the cells. Other 
Phytochemicals in the stem of pineapple help activate PHASE-2 ENZYME, which 
is the primary detoxification process of the human body undertaken by the 
Liver. It is this phase-2 enzyme that people need to ACTIVATE for a reversal 
of cancer. The immune system's army is fully capable of swinging into 
action. It needs the sparkplugs... And these are the phytochemicals!!

There are over 385 phytochemicals in 1 apple!! They are found mostly in the 
skin, stems, & seeds. All the parts we throw away! Jeff Primack has 
researched and interviewed several caretakers of many of the worlds oldest 
people (two in Haiti were over 125!) and discovered some very interesting 
secrets. He says, "People think the nutrition of broccoli is in the dark 
green flower, but the phytochemicals are inside the stem! That's the part we 
throw away! But in poor countries they cannot afford to throw it away. They 
use the whole food as God intended us to eat."

Our current diet is very low in phytochemicals and this is the PRIMARY 
reason why the 3 killer diseases are at epidemic proportions. Jeff further 
states: "The health of our planet will depend on people returning back to 
nature and discovering where these phytochemicals are most concentrated. 
Most all of the oldest people chew their food meticulously and take forever 
to eat. Often these people will take 4 hours to eat an apple! Considering 
that phytochemicals are in the skin this makes sense. It is why my teacher 
placed such a huge emphasis on using a 3-Horspower Blender to break out the 
phytochemicals from the seeds, stems, skins and rinds. Juicing fruits and 
vegetables is a complete waste of time because it throws all the fiber away, 
which God intended you to eat and it is where the phytochemicals are!

By now you're probably wondering... "Do these special smoothies that Jeff 
makes taste like fresh cut grass?" No. If they did taste bad we couldn't get 
10,000 people from our live seminars to drink them! We make these healing 
smoothies on stage and randomly select volunteers to come on stage and 
sample it fresh from Jeff's blender. Everyone loves'em. There are even 
special smoothies for children with Autism that kids are gulping down. We 
believe we've mastered the art of making these high phytochemical smoothies. 
Everyone can now benefit from our testing 100's of formulas, the majority of 
which did not pass Jeff's picky palate. Our creation is "Smoothie Formulas" 
and it has 95 recipes with specific smoothies for *Allergies *Alzheimer's 
*Anemia *Arthritis *Asthma *ADD *Autism *Poor Circulation *Cancer & Tumor 
*Chronic Fatigue *Colds & Flu Virus *Constipation & Digestive Disorders 
*Depression *Diabetes Type 1 & 2 *Eye Diseases & Poor Vision *Heart Disease 
& Stroke *Infertility *Insomnia *Kidney Stones *Liver Diseases *Menopause 
*Migraines *Osteoporosis *Parkinson's *Prostate Disorders *Sexual Problems 
*Thyroid Problems

Here is the section of their website with the books:


And food healing discussed:  http://qigong.com/press_pages/food.html

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