[NAFEX] Peach Leaf Curl

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Excuse me, but if it doesn't affect the tree or the fruit, then why worry about it at all? Honestly, there are enough things out there that will actually hurt trees and fruit, why bother treating for something that won't?

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I think it is too late to help this year, for peach leaf curl. It is not disasterous for your tree, it will loose the leaves affected and you may have a bit of longer growth on the branches, trying to regrow after the leaf loss. But it does not really affect the tree or the fruit much.

The time to spray is after the leaves fall, late fall. and again each month until spring. So for me I try to spray in Dec. Jan or Feb. and the 3rd time just before bud swell, march. But the weather adjust this each year. I use the copper on most everything, and then the sulfur too on the apples and every thing, except the apricot.

I have been told several things work, but I have only had luck with the powder copper and stay stuck M. This tri copper sulfate is what will stop the leaf curl, just sulfur will only control it if it is not too bad or keep it away, if you do not have it! So don't waste another dormant season, hit it with the best and do it several times, maybe with different sprays each time, but twice with the powder copper, follow the label and wet it down on a nice day when it is about 40 F and will dry before freezing.

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I have received conflicting suggestions about if I should spray with sulpher/copper spray now in the Spring or wait until the Fall.? The infection I have is pretty bad. I want to spray now - but only if it helps. The peaches have just set fruit, tiny but they are visable.? How have you controlled Peach Leaf Curl on your trees?

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