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That's exactly how I use mycorrhizal inoculants; I add them after solarizing
the soil, to try to establish a presence of beneficial organisms in the
sterilized soil before pathogens can find their way back.


~ Stephen


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Alan Haight recently cited a reference by Wiseman and others that showed
some benefit of mycorrhizal inoculation. Two important point emerge if you
read the actual publication:


1. The experiments were conducted in sterilized soil so the results would
not necessarily apply to field soils. Mycorrhizal inoculae generally exist
in sufficient amounts in such soils.


2. The benefits seen from inoculation was not related to the actual amount
of infection seen in roots. Something else may be going on.


Mycorrhizal associations are, no doubt, beneficial to plants. Deliberate
inoculation, especially with commercially available inoculae, are not
necessarily so.


Lee Reich, PhD



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