[NAFEX] venom

Sheridan Shumway rattler_mt at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 21:32:09 EDT 2009

i would love to see the science behind how it works cause i just cant wrap my mind around how it could possibly work.....venom isnt actually anything special, its just a protein....in my mind saying electrical shock works to destroy it is like saying boiling water will(which it will) but your going to screw up all the other proteins there aswell....you could slow down venom by putting your bitten hand into a pot of boiling water and holding it there....but its going to destroy alot of other stuff aswell....just cant wrap my head around how electrical shock can destroy the proteins that make up venom but leave the rest of the proteins(human tissue) in the area of the bite unhurt...would love to see the science explaining why it works if it truely does....

Sheridan S.


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