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Sheridan Shumway rattler_mt at yahoo.com
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guess its nice living in a bit of a backwater cause im all of 27.......i was still in school when Columbine happened, hell i watched it happen on the news during history class, and yet i was still allowed to be carrying a pocket knife to school everyday...a couple teachers would occasionally ask to borrow it...we usually has a pickup loaded to the roof with hunting gear including "high powered sniper rifles" parked across the street from the school cause as soon as the last bell rang we were headed out hunting and every teacher knew we had guns sitting in our vehicles all of 100 yards from where we were siting in the classroom......

course it also helped teach yah to respect property cause if yah didnt know where you were at and wondered on to the wrong guys land you might wind up with a few exra holes in your hide or in your vehicle......not to mention if they just called yah in to the cops you were going to get an arse beating from your dad....we did alo of stupid crap growing up.....darn near killed each other on many occasions but other peoples property was left alone....short of playing a joke on buddies..

Sheridan S.

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> Sheridan, I think everyones' comments are great. The
> problem is we come from another world. 
> I worked in a school for seventeen years. What is taught is
> ,
> ' The world is my babysitter' . 'I have only rights, and no
> responsibilities' .
> I come from the school of environmental interaction-- You
> know , fall down, go boom, etc.
> Paraphrasing Mark Twain, The world would be a better place
> if people pt a little more emphasis on their
> responsibilities, rather than their rights..
> matt
> peace


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