[NAFEX] Neighbors

Brungardt, Sam Sam.Brungardt at state.mn.us
Wed May 13 11:02:37 EDT 2009

Ernest, Lucille Whitman is one of the nicer nursery people I've ever
done business with.  It might be worthwhile to give her a call and find
out what the problem is. -- Sam Brungardt

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I recently e-mailed Whitman Farms to order more gooseberries.  I had
just received three gooseberries.  She sent me a puzzling e-mail
accusing me of being a spammer.  No idea what is going on???  I e-mailed
back saying I am a repeat customer but no reply????  Come on what???

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>Come on, this is a neighborhood, with kids in it, not farmland. If 
>there isn't a local ordinance against electric fences, there should be.
>Oh, and I got my gooseberries from Whitman Farms: 
>http://www.whitmanfarms.com/ which has the best gooseberry selection 
>I've seen. I think the first shipment was lost in the mail, but she 
>sent me a replacement as soon as I complained. They look nice.
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>Build an electric fence.
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>>My husband and I are ripping our lawn up to plant all sorts of good 
>>things. Our next door neighbor, who has a pretty big lawn, is allergic

>>to grass, so he can't mow his own lawn, and he's
>>under house arrest when others mow their lawns. One wonders why he has

>>a lawn himself. Anyway, his wife said their ambition is to plant a 4 x

>>8 foot garden in their lawn this year. I wish them luck.
>>I should be out planting gooseberries, which finally arrived today. 
>>You NAFEXers advised me that the deer won't bother them. I hope you're

>>right. The deer ate my tomato plants to the ground last year before we

>>built a better deer fence. Then something got into the
>>fence and ate a hot pepper plant, peppers and all. We're building a 
>>better fence this year.

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