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Sometimes I think Illinois should be fenced in and used as a test site . We have flying fish in the rivers and Deer that have Springbok genes. I'm not sure about the fish yet but
I thought I might chime in with a couple of considerations about Deer and electric fences. First, because Deer don't come in  "one size fits all" deciding on what height to put your wire is difficult. Too low and they will jump over. Too high and fawns walk under. Multiple strand, there is a chance they will hit the middle wire and back into the top wire at which time they will jump forward taking all the wire with them. Not to mention when the snow comes it can ground out your lower wire. Also there is no reason to go any higher than the Deer can remain in contact with the earth. We have seen wire at 7'. If the Deer is in the air it cannot get zapped unless you use double strand wire which has a ground in it. We found the best solution is 4'wire fencing with a visible string at the 7' mark to keep them from jumping over. If you have Raccoons raiding your trees you can run 1 strand of wire a few inches above your fence top. If all else fails you can get some good ideas from Jurassic Park.
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