[NAFEX] Neighbors

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue May 12 18:00:27 EDT 2009

At 04:37 PM 5/12/2009, Melissa wrote:
>Come on, this is a neighborhood, with kids in it, not farmland. If 
>there isn't a local ordinance against electric fences, there should be.

A properly-constructed and energized electric fence is not an 
electrocution hazard - but done correctly, the 'pain potential' is 
significant, and may be the most effective deterrent to wildlife 
depredation on your garden/orchard.
Certainly in a residential setting, it would be advisable/necessary 
to attach those "Warning! Electric Fence!" placards to warn kids or 
unsuspecting 'townies' that if they touch or try to climb through the 
fence that they're at risk of receiving a substantial shock.   I 
guarantee you it would be a lesson quickly learned, but not dangerous 
in the least.


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